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The vision of Saroj Yoga & Wellness centre is to propagate and promote yogic and natural  science under health & wellness to our universe, It is our intention to keep the teaching of yoga and natural methods as close to the way we have been taught as possible. 


The mission of Saroj Yoga & Wellness centre is to be a leading health service provider throughout the Worldwide  through yoga instructions & alternate therapies, yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats to serve our vast clients teaching them to value and love their bodies, corporate professionals & families by sharing the gift of yoga.


The objectives of Saroj Yoga & Wellness Centre are the following:

  1. To serve the suffering humanity in the universe from various problem of both physical and psychosomatic in nature.
  2. To become a leading institute for providing the one stop solution in health well being of an individual


Saroj Yoga & Wellness Centre will offer different forms of non-residential Yoga classes covering workshops and alternate therapies in related yoga topics.  We will also provide the teacher training courses.

Saroj Yoga & Wellness Centre aims to be located in the serene environment of capital of Telangana, Hyderabad. Saroj Yoga & Wellness Centre goal is to build a large base of yoga in the city population right from school going students, students aspiring career in yoga, thousands of office workers that are employed downtown and senior citizens who are aspiring to be fit and also who are suffering with ailments. Besides yoga training and teaching, Saroj Yoga & Wellness Centre, Yoga Studio will also have a therapy centre dedicated the patients suffering from the physical & psychosomatic issues. There will also be a boutique that will sell yogic kriyas instruments, workshop clothing, yoga training aides and natural therapy tools etc.


Hyderabad has emerged from the recent separation of state and is regaining its position as the IT hub of country. The growth has been fuelled by the increased employment in the city’s high tech companies. Currently around 90000+ professionals work in MNC’s located in Hyderabad. We believe that a yoga studio can be very attractive to our customers if we create a program that fits the time constraints of their jobs. We also plan to offer our members a program that will allow them to use their lunch hours to attend workshops.

Saroj Yoga & Wellness centre aims to be located in the serene environment of capital of Telangana, Hyderabad.  It has been surveyed to be most literate city in Telangana, with over 80% literacy rate. Moreover the presence of experienced yoga instructors and people related to yoga industry are already known along with the up rising demand for yoga in the city which will again become a hub of IT in near future with least experience and variable yoga style makes Hyderabad a suitable urban city to invest in.  , Saroj Yoga & Wellness Centre will offer plenty of floor space for multiple classes being conducted simultaneously.  In addition, parking is not a problem.  The studio should be within easy accessible distance from any part of the city.

The space will be having natural sky light during morning sessions and ambient soothing light for evening sessions. The ambience will have 4 windows for natural flow of air invoking peace and tranquillity.  The reception desk will be equipped with a locker to keep the belongings of the customer safely.

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Plot NO.5, NH65, East Prashanth Nagar, Moosarambagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500036.
website: www.sarojyogawellness.com
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